hey gayaaaasssssss!!!

johnny depp in secret window, 2004

"guys look at this loser ahahahha lets point and laugh at them ahah theyre on this dummy website!!!"

anyways, HEYYyy BESTIE!!!!!

I wanted to make a Neocities site for my info because carrds are for losers... like YOU AHHAHA!!11!!1! /j

also because I wanted to practice html and css-- that shit funky yo. its fun (when you know what youre doing)

so yeah im like ten years late to this but !!! enjoy your stay !!!


update log !!!

March 25, 2021

added some scott pilgrim sprite gifs from the video game because i just bought the game and AAAAHH!!! LOVE IT!!!! you can probably see them lol

March 25, 2021

its not done yet, but friends page exists now yuhh

March 21, 2021

added kinslist/ccs page!!!

March 21, 2021

about page is about done. of course its not fully finished because i might add more in the future, but its good for now ^_^

March 20, 2021

added this update log lol